It’s Lotus Time – Self Reflection and Self Coaching with the Wiegand Lotus

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Personal Development ist becoming more and more important. The human personality consists of so many complex aspects. The orientation model Wiegand Lotus is a wonderful support in order to find out more about yourself. When it comes to “It’s Lotus Time” just make yourself comfortable with a cup of tee and your diary, draw one of the beautiful Lotus Cards and just follow the instructions in your workbook. You will be surprised how rich your experience with yourself can become. Go ahead and explore yourself in an empathetic and friendly way – the best way to get to loving yourself.

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So here we go with the English version “It’s Lotus Time”

Did you know?

Unknown convictions steer your life. The invisible wall you keep running into, the glas ceiling hindering your career, the secret marriage contract that turns your love into a war of roses – your subconscient mind plays a major role when it comes to finding yourself in troubled waters. Once you find ways to gently discover and understand this subconscient part of yourself, a new world with unexpected solutions will unfold. Questions turn into findings, confusion into clarity, conflicts into energy for creating new solutions.

Here’s how it works.

Based on the psychological and philosophical orientation model Wiegand Lotus the Lotus Time supplies a humorous ego-stretching for the reflection on yourself. Spend some very special Lotus Time with your diary all by yourself, with your partner, your best friend or even your business confidants. Draw one of the expressive and esthetic Lotus Cards from the card deck and find the exiting topics in the workbook that come with them. You will come to answering questions you have never asked yourself before. Find your purpose, add value to your life, reflect on your talents, your instinct’s nature, your ancestry, your inner child and many more. Discover and enjoy the enlightening learning effect of shadow work, when you draw cards like “greed”, “vanity” or “hatred” while you work your way through the 60 exiting topics for your soul.

What for?

Find a deeper meaning in your communication and go ahead step by step finding out more about the amazing personality that your are. The future ist waiting for you to develop. So don’t hesitate. It’s high time for Lotus Time.

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